Keys live upstairs behind the “Employees Only” divider (always return them upstairs when you're done!)

The "house" key on the whale tail key chain will get you in.


Confirm that the Defiant Surge protector behind Whisper Room (between back wall of the booth and the break room) is plugged in and turned on.

It’s a good idea to shut the door the the break room.


There are two lamps inside the Whisper Room. The switches for both are button-style, halfway down the cord. Push the switches to turn on/off.

If they do not turn on, confirm that they are plugged into Belkin surge protector on floor and surge protector is switched on



Before recording, some members prefer to turn off the fans by unplugging the 3 in 1 outlet on the Defiant surge protector behind the Whisper Room


Ready to Record:

Check the Scarlett FocusRite interface

✧ Turn on power to the FocusRite

✧ DC power cord should be plugged in to brown extension cord.

✧ USB line to your computer.


Confirm that all inputs are connected. There are two XLR inputs, both should be connected to a Cloud Pre Amp and thent to a Mic

✧XLR to Cloud Pre-Amp to XLR to Mic


Plug headphones in to monitor as you are recording. (uses ¼" jack)



Listening through studio monitors:

If connected to Scarlett FocusRite, unplug the USB from your computer

✧ Power cords on both Rockit speakers should be plugged into Belkin surge protector

✧ Turn on both speakers by switching on Power button on the back left of each speaker. KRK logo will light up when speaker is on

✧ Split XLR - Aux cord is plugged in. XLR cord should be plugged into each speaker

✧ Connect Aux cord to your computer


✧ Unplug Scarlett FocusRite USB or studio monitor Aux cord from your computer
✧ Double check that the cables are the way you found them. Review the photos above if you aren't sure ✧ Check that the wires are generally tidy
✧ Turn off lamps
✧ If you hung any "QUIET! RECORDING" signs, be sure to take them down.
✧ Lock Whisper Room door by turning the lock on the inside
✧ Plug the ventilation fans back in
✧ Return the whale tail key chain