The three of us have come together to form Studiotobe as a content development and production studio. Our shared commitment to finding and telling stories that matter compelled the opening of our first collaborative workspace in Oakland, CA.

Joaquin Alvarado

Oakland born and raised, Joaquin is a proven and provocative media leader with over 20 years of success developing innovative approaches, programing and organizations. From strategy to sustainability, Joaquin has been a part of some of the most widely recognized and substantial initiatives in public service journalism and media.

Ken Ikeda

Ken is CEO of the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) and grateful for his network of co-conspirators, friends and allies whom contribute intelligence, community, and purpose to every life venture. While life and work are intertwined, his world revolves around his partner and three boys in Oakland. When not with them, you might find him riding, breaking and fixing motorcycles.

Kristin Belden

Kristin has worked in the online media industry for the past eight years, with a background in arts and business. Passionate about people, community and creativity, she is foremost a builder. From working with art galleries in Spain and San Francisco to her time with McKinsey & Co. that would eventually establish a local news initiative, to creating and managing ground-breaking initiatives with The Center for Investigative Reporting, she is always looking for ways to get involved in and launch projects that have a unique and important impact.